Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dot Net Rocks road tour - St. Louis report

I attended this here in St. Charles tonight. It was entertaining and fun.

The site they are using is quite cool. (When I visited this site from home (Windows Vista and IE8), I had to upgrade Silverlight version; it was easy)

Kate Gregory was there and she was a good speaker. She mentioned something in passing about Fitt's Law.

Richard walked through something akin to Creating and Running a Load Test Containing Web Performance Tests and it was informative and good. He talked about relative tests and scaling tests. He mentioned 12 threads by default per core... bytes in heap vs requests queued ... emergency gc --> all requests get queued ... on a 32 bit OS, 800MB heap max with .NET ... can compile as 32-bit and run on 64-bit on a machine with 8GB RAM and this gives you 4GB heap for worker process.

Mentioned that every 25 hours (by default) the IIS worker process is configured to restart.

Carl's presentation on silverlight was pretty cool. Check out and

One of the sponsors of the dot net rocks road trip is Telerik.

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